About PureWorks

About PureWorks

Hi, my name is Mark and I am the President of PureWorks.

What's PureWorks?

PureWorks is an amazing and unique line of skin sanitizing products that has the potential to change your world. Let me tell you how.

Ever since germs were discovered in 1847 by Dr. Ignaz Semmelweiz people have tried to kill them by hand washing with chlorine or alcohol, the problem is that none of these solutions worked then and nearly 165 years later they still don't work. The fact is that you can't wash all day long nor can you apply alcohol every three seconds of every day. The problem is that none of these products has any lasting power to stay on the skin and kill germs as you come in direct contact with them. We call that persistence.

To be protected from germs you have to have a product that sits on your skin and kills germs as you pick them up and before you introduce them into your system through your mouth, nose or eyes.

So, for 165 years nothing has given you the kind of protection that you MUST have if you want to stop getting sick. Every product you have ever purchased is ineffective because it does not persist on the skin and only gives you a few seconds of protection. All alcohol products are completely ineffective because they evaporate and protect you as long as you can smell them - about three seconds. Not only are they worthless but they actually help the spread of germs because they dry and crack the skin and you transmit more germs with cracked skin. Cracked skin is major reason why germs spread so well and seem to be unstoppable!

Let me tell you about PureWorks. It contains no alcohol, chlorine or anti-biotics. Instead we kill germs with an FDA approved, highly effective active ingredient known as Benzethonium chloride. All of our skin products also contain 7 other germ killers that are deadly to germs but make your skin look and feel amazing, soft and healthy.

Now here's the best part. PureWorks products electrostatically stick to your skin and stay there waiting for you to pick up microscopic germs from counter tops, bathrooms, door knobs, computers, tables, desks, pens, cell phones, theater seats, playgrounds, school, church, airplanes, hotels, taxis, etc, etc, etc. Germs are everywhere people are.

As you pick up germs PureWorks goes to work and kills them immediately before you rub your eye or pick your nose or dig that piece of spinach out of the gap in your front tooth. This persistence is the only way to get long lasting protection and lets you kill germs all day with just a few applications of product. A typical application lasts more than 4 hours!!! Alcohol products like Purell or GermX last only 4 seconds. You really have two options, you can fill a couple zip lock bags with alcohol gel and insert your hands in them and keep them there all day or you can use a few applications of PureWorks...You decide!

It took 165 years but it is finally here. An actual solution to the germ problem! You're Welcome!

Remember at the beginning of this script when I called our product line a skin sanitizer and not a hand sanitizer? That's because germs don't just have an address on your hands. Germs also reside by the billions on your forearms, your feet and nothing personal but they are also in and on every warm and moist area of your body. Think about it, if you want to get rid of germs from your environment you have to do more than slop a glob of alcohol goop on your hands. I'll leave the rest to your imagination.

OK so let's get started. I invite you to purchase one or more of our product line and actually start protecting yourself from germs for the first time in your life. You will notice a difference immediately and you won't miss all that dry skin, fungus, bacteria, body odor, itching, athletes foot, eczema that you used to have. If you are not completely satisfied I will refund your money with no questions asked.

Are you protected?