Corona Virus Pandemic!

The virus started in a Chinese fish market infecting snakes and eventually mutated to spread from snakes to humans and then finally from human to human.  This is the worst case scenario and the virus transmits easily and it is deadly.

You are reading all about it and the news is non-stop.  Unfortunately people are dying and that is terrifying.   We've seen many of these pandemics come and go over the years.  Our advice is always the same.  Use a product that has long lasting persistence and develop a regimen of use that actually works.  Persistence is key and alcohol based products don't last more than 3 seconds.  Our product persists on the skin for hours after application and actually kills the germs you come in contact with before you introduce them into your body through your mouth, nose and eyes.

The good news is that you don't have to get sick.  Simply use our highly effective, germ killing, persistent products a few times a day and problem solved.  We have tested our product against the nastiest germs on the planet and have always had excellent results.  We kill germs very effectively.  After all that is what we do.  We invite you to use our products and establish a regimen against germs that will protect you from all the germs that come your way. A consistent health regimen with a persistent product is the only way you can have the protection you are looking for.

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What we Sell

A complete line of hand and skin sanitizers and surface disinfectants that protect you and your environment from the transmission of germs and disease. All products utilize our patented germ killing technology:

  • Antibacterial Lotion
  • Antibacterial Hand & Body Soap
  • Sanitizing Body Foam & Wound Sprays
  • Surface and Fabric Disinfectant
  • Body Odor Solutions
  • Athletes Foot Control

3 Things That Make Us TOTALLY Different From Everyone Else!!

1.) No Alcohol, No Flammability, No Anti-Biotics and No Pesticides.

2.) Each application of PureWorks gives you Germ Killing Protection for many hours. Everything else lasts as long as you can smell the alcohol-about 3 seconds. You would have to apply that alcohol gel you bought every 3 seconds, all day every day to get the same protection from a few applications of PureWorks!  Now that is a game changer and a true innovation!

3.) Our Product Line actually Moisturizes, Conditions and Improves your Skin...All other products crack and dry your skin. Dry and cracked skin offers the germs that make you sick a free ride wherever you go and is a major reason why germs transmit so easily. Now for the first time since germs were discovered you can apply a product several times a day and be protected all day from the germs that cause so much trouble.

  • Kills 99.99% of bacteria and other harmful germs that cause disease and infection
  • Persistent - Continues to protect your skin for 3-4 hours after each application. Alcohol based Hand Sanitizers last for 3-4 seconds.
  • FDA compliant as both a First-aid Antiseptic and Hand Sanitizer.


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